Difference between Vertical Hollow Shaft (VHS) Motor and Vertical Solid Shaft (VSS) Motor

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The pumping industry was turned around with the creation of pumping motors. One of the most important components in every pump is the mechanical KSB seal. Low-wear mechanical seals are developed in-house for several pump-type series that are best to operate.

The pumping industry is also growing with vertical pumps motors. This allows an electric motor to be attached to the top of the pump. As these require few parts, the process of installation is simplified and cost-effective. After installation, the efficiency of the pump motors increases by 30%. Vertical pumps are more reliable and durable than horizontal counterparts, they are more purpose-specific.

Vertical pump motors are classified into two types; vertical hollow shaft and vertical solid shaft.

Vertical Hollow Shaft (VHS) Motor:

The major difference between these two pump motors is that one has a hollow shaft that changes its features compared to a solid shaft. In the VHS motor, the head shaft of the pump is extended through the motor shaft and it is joined in the motor’s crest. At the peak of the head-shaft, an adjusting nut is located that streamlines the regulation of the pump impeller strength.

To stabilize the center of the pump shaft in the motor shaft, a steady bushing is installed. The motor shaft, pump shaft, and the steady bushing rotate concurrently when started. This results in the mechanical stability of hollow shaft motors as compared to solid shaft motors.

Vertical hollow shaft motors are most commonly used for deep-well pumps. These motors are also chosen for any pump operation that requires easy adjustability.

Vertical Solid Shaft (VSS):

The vertical solid shaft pump motors are connected to the pump shafts near the bottom end of the motor. To pass pump thrust and a radial keyway to transmit torque, the extension of the shaft has a circular keyway.

With the lower end coupling of the pump motor and pump shaft, vertical solid motors are mostly seen in tanks and shallow pumps rather than deep-well operations.

Features of Construction:

Both the vertical hollow shaft and vertical solid shaft operate vertical turbine pumps. The features of the construction of vertical pump motors affect their applications and maintenance requirements.

Some of the most common features include:

  • High efficiency
  • Low-temperature rise
  • Heavy axial thrust
  • High starting torque
  • Reliable structure
  • Easily maintained

The shaft type determines the type of coupling, whether it will be internally connected or externally mounted motor-pump system. Many manufacturers sell both vertical hollow shaft and vertical solid shaft pump motors in all the common high thrust versions.

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