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April 1, 2020
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April 15, 2020

Ac Motor


Power10-1000kw 5000kw-10000kw 10mw-100mw

Installation: Horizontal, vertical installation

Voltage: 380v,1000v,6000v,10kv,20kv

Frame: 500mm-4500mm

An AC motor is a device that converts electrical energy from alternating current into mechanical energy. The AC motor is mainly composed of an electromagnet winding or distributed stator winding to generate a magnetic field and a rotating armature or rotor.

To maintain quality as a to-notch ac motor manufacturer, our electric motor is made by using the phenomenon that the energized coil rotates under the force of a magnetic field. AC motors are classified into synchronous AC motors and induction motors.

The stator winding of a three-phase AC motor is basically three coils separated by 120 degrees from each other for a triangle or star connection. When a three-phase current is applied, a magnetic field is generated in each coil, and these three magnetic fields are combined to obtain a rotating magnetic field.

Best AC Motor Supplier in China

Shanghai Electrical Machinery Group Co., Limited (SEMC) is a leading AC motor manufacturer in China. We are located at Zhaojiabang Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China. As a supplier of electric motors, we place our clients and their individual needs at the heart of the focus of our professional manufacturing work.

SEMC, as a prominent AC motor manufacturer, has started its manufacturing of electric motors in 2012. Several manufacturing plant operators globally from the paper, steel, cement or other industries trust our proven quality of electric motors.

Our product portfolio includes a high and low-voltage motor, rolling mill motor, generator, explosion-proof motor, permanent magnet motor, and many others. You can check our range of products in the “Products” tab. Our diverse range is the reason we are seen as the most sought-after China ac motor supplier.

Two critical characteristics of an AC motor supplier that need consideration for any application are starting torque and running speed. Running speed depends upon the frequency of power supply, motor poles, and the amount of slip. The number of poles and frequency describe what the synchronous motor speed will be.


SEMC propels top-notch engine production, dependability, adaptability, and speed. From individual appeal in regards to arranging, improvement, structure, and creation, with us, you get everything from a single source. Thus, we are a one-stop-shop ac motor supplier.

Standard engines for modern applications, indistinguishable and replaceable imitations, exceptionally assembled plans, mechanical and electrical alterations, unique structures for particular drive tasks and the sky is the limit from there.

AC Motor Manufacturer in China

It is synonymous with being self-explanatory that our products correspond to international standards. We, as a top ac motor manufacturer, follow the enforcement of state-of-the-art technologies. This is how we ensure global usage and the durability of our electric motors.

As an AC motor supplier, we satisfy your customized needs dependably and rapidly. You can depend on demonstrated SEMC quality whenever. Significant specialized creation and preparing plants, just as dealing with by qualified, experienced architects and pros, guarantee that the best expectations are satisfied. To keep up quality gauges, we have presented a quality administration framework.

Our engine plants in Shanghai are ideally prepared for creating personalized electric engines, or for the present moment, custom-fitted adjustment or replication of huge electric machines. With a constant increment in revenues and extension of sales globally, different speculations have been made in engine creation during the recent couple of years. All these make us a reliable ac motor manufacturer.

We as a renowned ac motor supplier offer cutting-edge innovative motors. This makes it feasible to give our customers individual drive answers for every single particular case. Besides, a few creation lobbies are accessible for singular assembling and adjustment of our electric engines. Moreover, we have a few warehousing areas in Shanghai.

Besides, SEMC has put resources into a best-in-class paint lodge at the Berlin site to improve quality and efficiency. This implies we can completely fulfill the undeniably rigid requests of our clients concerning erosion assurance, style, and extraordinary hues while likewise fulfilling every global standard and natural guidelines. The new plant additionally quickens the restoring procedure so that recently painted electric engines can leave the paint lodge around the same time and in this way be conveyed. So, these are some factors that are keeping us on top as a Chinese ac motor supplier.

So, if you need a reliable AC motor manufacturer in China, come to us.

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