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March 25, 2020
Z series large DC motor
March 25, 2020

DC Motor


Basic model: ZD

Machine seat number: ZD180-ZD350

Power: 50-3000KW  2800-6000kW


Voltage: 660 ~ 1200V

Torque range: 90 ~ 1500kNm

Protection level: IP23, IP44

Cooling method: IC06, IC17, IC37, IC81W

Best DC Motor Manufacturer in China

We are a renowned company, indulged in offering quality Motors and other metallurgical equipment for Industrial Purpose. Shanghai Electrical Machinery Group Co., Limited is a professional DC motor manufacturer in China.

Like the presence of the moon in the sky, we, as a dc motor supplier, hold a particular position in the area of pumps, engines, and generators. We are trusted as the exporter, manufacturer, and supplier of DC motors, domestic monoblock pumps, gear motors, permanent magnet dc motors, submersible pumps, agricultural monoblock pumps, submersible water pumps, mini mono-block pumps, and different items.

Our further products include high and low-voltage motor, rolling mill motor, generator, explosion-proof motor, permanent magnet motor, and many others. You can check our range of products in the “Products” tab. Our diverse product range makes us a go-to dc motor supplier.

Our DC motors are among the common types of the motor for low voltage and high starting torque applications. As a diversified dc motor manufacturer, our DC motors are most often seen in the agricultural and automotive industries.

What is a DC Motor?

A DC motor is comprised of a commutator, wound armature, brushes, and magnets—all within an entirely enclosed housing. Rotation happens when the motor’s magnetic field created by the permanent magnets in the housing mingles with the commutator via graphite or carbon brushes. As a standard dc motor manufacturer, we ensure to keep all these things in our DC motor.

Execution of Total-Quality-Management-System in structuring and building of product engineering, including Water Treatment Plant; is the hallmark of our company. We are focused on on-time request satisfaction as well as advancing the item quality. As a responsible dc motor supplier, we energize expertise improvement and support employees’ certainty for item advancement.

Competitive pricing makes us stand out as a dc motor manufacturer. Due to this, a one-time buyer converts into the repeated one.

DC Motor Supplier in China

We remain confident to provide our customers with excellent pre-sales and after-sales services. Training courses are offered to upgrade the professional skills of our staff.

We believe that our human power is our major asset. To maintain quality and stability, we only use Korean and Japanese raw materials (if required) to manufacture our dc motors. ISO system is always applied to our motor production. Final test with 100% Q-check, standard applying at MIL-STD-105, AQL 0.6/0.25. M.O.Q. is not limited.

High quality, attractive pricing, and on-time delivery are a few of our promising services as a reliable Chinese dc motor manufacturer. DC Motors can change to incorporate permanent magnet, shunt wound, brushed, brushless, and low voltage. Stocks held – Leroy Somer, Bull, and DC Motors.

A substantial modern DC Electric motor, when utilized with an advanced DC engine controller, offers elite appropriate for use with extruders, paper and printing markets, traveler lifts, and drives requiring high transient stacking, for example, metal presses and so on. You can contact us as a dependable dc motor manufacturer if you need that modern DC electric motor.

Variable speed DC Motors can do superior at low speeds and are reasonable for coiler and winder activities. The activities are some of the time required to keep up strain at the halt, with shunt wound DC Motor turning over qualities being brilliant from zero speed.

As a quality DC motor supplier, we export our products to the United States, Mexico, Argentina, America, Iran, Iraq, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Turkey, Russia, and Uzbekistan. Our consumer-loyalty approach targets offering businesses a preferred position to the customers.

So, if you need a reliable DC motor supplier for any of your applications, contact us.

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