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April 15, 2020

KSB seal


Best KSB Seal Supplier

Germany KSB Valves is a world-renowned modern company that manufactures pumps and valves. It is one of the three largest pump and valve manufacturing companies in the world.It was established in 1871 and is an international company. There are six factories in total. There are approximately 16,200 employees all over the world. Its business areas include construction services, industrial and public water supply, energy sector and mining, which can best meet customer needs.

KSB is increasingly becoming a partner for after-sales services for customers, and provides them with a full range of hydraulic system equipment for water supply and drainage. KSB seal has more than 30 production bases in 19 countries around the world. Each base produces pumps and valves that meet world-class standards. The product range of pumps is very wide, from the domestic rainwater regeneration system to the pumps used in the production process and the feed water pumps used in power station boilers. The selectivity of valve products is also very large, and the design, specifications and materials can be determined according to the entire application range.

Our company, Shanghai Electrical Machinery Group Co., Limited (SEMC), has been offering different types of mechanical KSB seal that are supplied to our customers of the local market. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization that produces and provides a wide array of seals.

Established in 2012, we are leaders and innovators in the manufacturing and design of highly reliable and efficient KSB seal suitable for marine, robotic, vehicle, hybrid, industrial, and traction industry. We are a reliable electric motor and Pump seal manufacturer across China.

We are constantly quick to engage in new and up and coming tasks. Regardless of whether you are searching for an electric engine for rambles, difficult work hardware, effective KSB seal, sailing or some other industry, we truly can help discover an answer for your task.

KSB Seal Supplier in China

We are consistently working to offer our customers a broad scope of KSB Pump Seal, which are additionally accessible according to customer particular. Products are made of tempered steel. Offered in an assortment of makes. Owing to their sturdy and tough development

Our KSB seal is offered and is available in the specifications of 12 to 160 mm shaft diameter, the temperature of 40 to 660-degree centigrade with speed up to 6000 rpm. Besides these devices, we also produce mechanical seals spares for various organizations in and outside of China.

Mechanical seals offered by us are appropriate in different abrasive, toxic, viscous, and profoundly inflammable pumping liquid industry applications. Complete cartridge gathering with a drive for agitators and reactors and various kinds of revolving unions are likewise accessible on customers’ demands. These are produced utilizing subjective materials like tempered steel, elastic, metal, and different metal segments. We guarantee that our KSB seal range complies with industry quality guidelines.

Here at Shanghai Electrical Machinery Group Co., Limited (SEMC), we work along with customers around the world. SEMC has supplied its furnaces to almost all parts of China. Besides, we have exported a large number of furnaces to the United States, Mexico, Argentina, America, Iran, Iraq, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Turkey, Russia, and Uzbekistan to name a few.

SO, if you need a reliable KSB seal supplier in China, come to us.

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