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Best VHS Motor Supplier in China

Shanghai Electrical Machinery Group Co., Limited is a renowned VHS motor manufacturer in China. We are providing high-quality products and services related to motors, pump and drive industries since 2012.

We are offering various products, especially motors including AC and DC motor, high and low voltage motor, rolling mill motor, generator, explosion-proof motor, permanent magnet motor and many others. You can check our range of products in the “Products” tab.

Specifically manufactured to meet the requirements of the axial flow pump and vertical turbine industry, the VHS motor allow for adjustments and clearance in impeller clearance to be supplied at the accessible top portion of the unit rather than inside the discharge head.

Our VHS motor is offered in various efficiency levels and contain a high-level thrust capacity. Our VHS motor come standard having a ball-type non-reverse backstop for stopping damage to the pump on motor shutdown.

Used for deep-well water pumps, our VHS vertical hollow shaft premium motors are designed with a three-phase squirrel asynchronous motor that gives high efficiency. This premium version of the VHS motor offers an additional power-saving feature. Our motor has the following capabilities:

Easy maintenance, reliable and compact structure, Slight vibration, Heavy axial thrust, significant overload, low-temperature rise, withstands heavy axial thrust and much more.

Our VHS motors are synonymous to convenience. By marrying the vertical engine with a vertical pump, the requirement for the mechanical gearbox for our clients is wiped out. Less hardware implies more straightforward establishment and more space.

VHS Motor Supplier in China

We have a different arrangement of machining necessities with the requirement for dependable and sturdy items. Since 2012, we’ve been wiping out personal time by giving enduring machines and rapidly providing and settling our client’s challenges in the car, aviation, military, oil, gas, paper, and reuse industries.

Our clients have various arrangement of difficulties and necessities with regards to making their final product. To help give the perfect motor to their application, we’ve worked out our quality machine portfolio.

Our motors and other metallurgical equipment are exported to the United States, Mexico, Argentina, America, Iran, Iraq, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Turkey, Russia, and Uzbekistan. So, if you need a reliable VHS motor supplier, then contact us.

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